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Activity Overview

Enjoy an exclusive package combining a thrilling glimpse into K-pop through “THE SHOW,” a prominent Korean music broadcast, with a guided tour of Seoul’s cultural highlights. This unique blend offers fans an intimate experience with their favorite idols and a deeper understanding of Seoul’s rich heritage and urban vibe.

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SBS M THE SHOW + MVP Seoul Tour Package – Klook

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This package balances the excitement of a live K-pop show with informative tours around Seoul’s key attractions, providing an enriching cultural experience that is both entertaining and educational.


Comparison Table

Feature Klook Seoul Travel Pass Trazy
Price $97.85 ₩135,000 (Approx. $108) $169.9 (Approx. $143)
Included Activities SBS The Show, MVP Seoul Tour (Walking Tour), Transportation to SBS Prism Tower SBS The Show, MVP Seoul Tour, Souvenir Travel Aid Bag SBS Inkigayo ticket, Half-day Seoul tour, Transportation during the tour
Cancellation Policy Free cancellation up to 7 days before the tour Cancellation up to 7 days before the tour for a full refund Cancellation up to 5 days before the event for a full refund
Guide Languages English-speaking guide English-speaking guide English-speaking staff
Tour Duration Approximately 6.5 hours Approximately 7 hours 5 hours
Special Features Admission to The Show, live music broadcast experience, guided city tour Similar to Klook, with the addition of a souvenir bag, slightly longer tour Includes a ticket to SBS Inkigayo, a shorter but focused K-pop and Seoul sightseeing experience
Meet-Up Locations Varies by month: Gwanghwamun Station, Jongno 3-ga Station, Itaewon Station, etc. Similar meet-up locations as Klook, detailed in monthly schedules Meeting location varies by tour, near Gayang Station


Price Comparison


Detailed Tour Information

[Klook] SBS M THE SHOW + MVP Seoul Tour Package[Klook] SBS M THE SHOW + MVP Seoul Tour Package

  • Experience: Attend “THE SHOW” for live performances by K-pop artists, complemented by a tour of iconic Seoul landmarks.
  • Itinerary Highlights: Engage with both the modern pop culture and traditional sights of Seoul, culminating in the excitement of a live broadcast.
  • Additional Info: Requires physical mobility due to walking and stairs. Offers a comprehensive exploration of K-pop and Seoul’s urban landscape.

[Seoul Travel Pass] SBS M THE SHOW + MVP Seoul Tour Package[Seoul Travel Pass] SBS M THE SHOW + MVP Seoul Tour Package

  • Experience: Similar to Klook’s but includes a special souvenir bag, making it appealing for those looking for mementos.
  • Itinerary Highlights: A blend of cultural visits and the live show experience, with slight variations in the itinerary to include different seasonal locations.
  • Additional Info: Provides detailed meet-up points depending on the month, adding a layer of customization to the tour schedule.

[Trazy] SBS Inkigayo & Seoul Tour Package[Trazy] SBS Inkigayo & Seoul Tour Package

  • Experience: Focuses on attending “SBS Inkigayo,” another popular music show, paired with a half-day tour of Seoul.
  • Itinerary Highlights: Shorter duration, focusing more on the music show experience and less on extensive city touring.
  • Additional Info: Offers a concise yet vibrant introduction to Seoul’s cultural scene and live K-pop performance, ideal for those with limited time.



Each package offers a unique way to experience K-pop culture and explore Seoul. Klook’s package is highly recommended for its comprehensive coverage and balanced itinerary. Seoul Travel Pass is ideal for those wanting a tangible keepsake with their cultural journey, while Trazy’s option suits those seeking a concentrated dose of music and a quick city tour. Depending on your interests and available time, one of these packages will enhance your visit to Seoul with memorable K-pop flair.


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