Yongin Korean Folk Village & Han River Night Music Cruise One Day Tour



Activity Overview

This full-day tour offers a rich cultural experience, combining a visit to the Yongin Korean Folk Village with a serene Han River Night Music Cruise. The Folk Village transports you back to the Joseon period, showcasing traditional Korean life, architecture, and cultural performances. As the day transitions to evening, the tour culminates with a relaxing cruise along the Han River, providing stunning views of Seoul’s skyline set against the backdrop of soothing music. This unique blend of cultural immersion and scenic relaxation makes for an unforgettable day out in Seoul.

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Yongin Korean Folk Village & Han River Night Music Cruise One Day TourKlook

Why We Selected It

IVisitKorea recommends the “Korean Folk Village Free Pass + Cruise ticket” for a comprehensive experience. This option not only grants full access to the myriad attractions and performances within the Korean Folk Village but also includes the enchanting Han River Night Music Cruise. The Free Pass is particularly appealing for its inclusivity, allowing visitors to fully immerse in the traditional Korean lifestyle and enjoy modern Seoul’s scenic beauty from the river. This combination makes for a well-rounded day, appealing to both cultural enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation amidst Seoul’s bustling city life.


Feature Table

Feature Included in the Tour Package
Price US$ 67.29
Duration 8 hours
Languages Chinese, English
Free Cancellation Yes, with 24-hours notice
Admission to Attractions Included for both the Korean Folk Village and the Han River Cruise
Traditional Performances Available at the Korean Folk Village
Cruise Experience 70-minute Night Music Cruise on the Han River
Meet Up Locations Hongik Univ. Station and Myeong-dong Station
Eligibility Not available for Korean passport holders
Confirmation Instant confirmation upon booking
Itinerary From Seoul to Korean Folk Village to Han River Cruise and back to Seoul


Detailed Information

Yongin Korean Folk Village:Yongin Korean Folk Village

Experience the vibrant culture of the Joseon Dynasty with over 240 traditional buildings, live performances, and hands-on activities. The village is a living museum, providing a window into Korea’s past with authentic architectural styles, crafts, and folklore.

Han River Night Music Cruise:

Han River Night Music CruiseAs the highlight of the evening, the cruise offers a tranquil escape on the Han River, with live music adding to the ambiance. It’s an opportunity to see Seoul from a different perspective, with landmarks like the N Seoul Tower and the Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain illuminated against the night sky.


Notable Policies:

Free Pass: In addition to entry, the Free Pass allows unlimited access to amusement village attractions within the Folk Village, enhancing the experience with more activities and performances.

Cruise Check-In: A passport is required for at least one guest in the group for cruise check-in, ensuring smooth boarding and security compliance.

Group Formation: The tour requires a minimum of five participants to proceed. In cases where the minimum is not met two days prior, a full refund is offered, ensuring peace of mind when booking.

This day tour stands out for its cultural depth, combining historical exploration with modern leisure to offer a comprehensive experience of Korean heritage and contemporary life in Seoul.


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