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Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Korean traditional culture with a one-day free pass to the Korean Folk Village in Yongin. This unique cultural theme park brings to life the vibrant heritage of Korea, showcasing the wisdom and ingenuity of the ancestors through a plethora of traditional buildings, cultural performances, and hands-on experiences. Perfect for families and cultural enthusiasts alike, the park offers a journey back in time to the days of old Korea, filled with laughter, learning, and unforgettable memories.

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IVisitKorea highly recommends the One-Day Free Pass for its comprehensive access to the Korean Folk Village’s array of attractions and activities. This pass not only grants entry to the traditional cultural exhibits and regular performances but also includes unlimited access to amusement village attractions. It’s an ideal choice for visitors looking to fully engage with the Korean Folk Village experience, offering both educational and entertainment value in a single package.


Comparison Table

Feature Details
Price US$ 22.75 (Discounted from US$ 25.29)
Languages Available information in Korean, with some attractions in English
Free Cancellation Not specified
Confirmation Instant, with tickets sent directly to your mobile via KakaoTalk
Activities Included Access to traditional buildings, cultural performances, amusement attractions
Notable Policies Mobile ticketing for convenience, must provide accurate phone number for ticket receipt


Detailed InformationYongin Korean Folk Village One Day Pass

  • Experiences: The Korean Folk Village offers an authentic glimpse into the life of the Joseon Dynasty with over 260 traditional houses reflecting the region’s diverse social classes. Visitors can engage in various cultural experiences, from traditional games to craft making.
  • Performances: The park hosts a range of live performances including traditional folk music, dance, and even thrilling martial arts demonstrations, providing a dynamic insight into Korea’s artistic heritage.
  • Amusement Attractions: With the One-Day Free Pass, guests have unlimited access to the park’s amusement attractions, which include rides and themed experiences, making it particularly appealing for families with children.
  • Notable Policies: While the ticket provides a seamless entry with mobile ticketing, it’s important to ensure the correct phone number is provided during purchase for the ticket delivery. The park’s immersive experience is designed for non-Korean tourists, with many attractions and performances accessible to international visitors.

This One-Day Free Pass to the Korean Folk Village stands out as a gateway to exploring Korea’s rich cultural heritage, offering a blend of educational and entertainment options suitable for all ages.


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