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Activity Overview

The journey from the bustling metropolis of Seoul to the tranquil Vivaldi Park Ski Resort is a remarkable adventure that traverses the breathtaking landscapes of South Korea. As you leave behind the dynamic urban environment of Seoul, you’ll embark on a voyage that leads to the serene, snow-covered wonderland of the Vivaldi Park Ski Resort. This transition from cityscape to snowscape is a captivating experience that beckons both locals and travelers to explore the diverse beauty of this East Asian nation. Join us as we delve into this enchanting passage from Seoul to the Vivaldi Park Ski Resort, where every turn unveils a new adventure.


IVisitKorea’s Top Pick

Vivaldi Park Snowy Land & Ski Admission & Lesson & Transport Tour – Klook

Why We Selected It
This all-inclusive package is our top recommendation for its blend of ski lessons, Snowy Land fun, and seamless round-trip transportation from Seoul, perfect for a comprehensive winter experience.


Comparison Table of Seoul ↔ Vivaldi Park Ski Resort Activities

Feature Snowy Land & Ski Tour (Klook) Ski World Day Tour (Klook) Ski Day Trip (Trazy)
Duration 12 hours 1.5 hours (activity duration) 13hr 15min
Language English/Mandarin English/Korean/Cantonese/Mandarin English/Korean/Cantonese/Mandarin
Inclusions Ski lesson, Equipment, Snowy Land admission, Transport Shuttle bus, Traveler’s Insurance Guide, Transfers, Equipment, Lesson, Insurance
Exclusions Meals, Personal expenses Meals, Personal expenses Meals, Personal expenses
Cancellation Policy Free up to 48 hours before Information not provided Free up to 24 hours before
Unique Features Access to Snowy Land, Suitable for families Direct shuttle service, Flexible for free travelers Comprehensive ski lessons, Suitable for beginners


Price Comparison


Detailed Information about Seoul ↔ Vivaldi Park Ski Resort

Vivaldi Park Snowy Land & Ski Admission & Lesson & Transport Tour (Klook)Vivaldi Park Ski Resort

  • Languages: English/Mandarin
  • Inclusions: Ski lesson, equipment rental, Snowy Land admission, round-trip transport
  • Cancellation Policy: Free cancellation up to 48 hours before the activity starts
  • Highlights: Ideal for a full-day winter experience combining skiing and snow fun in Snowy Land

Vivaldi Park Ski World Day Tour (Klook)Vivaldi Park Ski Resort

  • Duration: Shuttle service duration is provided; actual activity time may vary
  • Inclusions: Shuttle bus service from Seoul, traveler’s insurance
  • Unique Feature: Direct shuttle service making it convenient for those who have their own plans at the ski resort

Hongcheon Daemyung Vivaldi Ski Day Trip (Lesson & Ski Suits & Equipment) (Trazy)Vivaldi Park Ski Resort

  • Duration: 13hr 15min
  • Languages: English/Korean/Cantonese/Mandarin
  • Inclusions: Professional guide, round-trip transfers, ski equipment rental, basic ski lesson, insurance
  • Cancellation Policy: Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the activity starts
  • Highlights: Comprehensive package for beginners, including all necessary equipment and lessons


Information about Daemyung Vivaldi Park Ski Resort

  • Learn more about the Best Ski Resorts in Korea and their opening dates.
  • Daemyung Vivaldi Park is located in Hongcheon, which takes about 1.5 hours to get there from the Gangnam area by car. And it is known as one of the most visited ski resorts in Korea.
  • The Snowy Land is a sled slope where kids and family can enjoy thrilling moments together. There are two kinds of sleds for racing and family. The entrance fee is 5,000 KRW for a kid and 25,000 KRW for an adult.
  • Slopes (11)
    • Beginner (2): Ballad (508m) / Blues (365m)
    • Intermediate (2): Reggae (570m) / Jazz (900m)
    • Intermediate Advanced (5): Classic (450m) / Funky (575m) / Techno Ⅰ (480m) / Hip-hop Ⅰ (240m) / Hip-hop Ⅱ (620m)
    • Advanced (1): Techno Ⅱ (680m)
    • Advanced High (1): Rock (610m)
  • Operating hours: 08:30 ~ 22:30
  • Lift Passes
    • Time Pass: 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 Hours (on-site purchase)
    • Morning-time: 08:30 ~ 13:00
    • Afternoon-time: 12:30 ~ 16:30
    • Night-time: 18:30~ 22:30
    • Full-day: 08:30 ~ 16:30
    • Half-Full-day: 12:30 ~ 22:30
  • Address: 262 Hanchigol-gil Seo-myeon Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do
  • Phone: +82-1588-4888
  • Social Media: Instagram / Facebook / YouTube



Each of these tours offers a unique way to experience Vivaldi Park during the winter season. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive ski and snow experience, need a convenient shuttle to the ski resort, or prefer a focused ski lesson with all essentials included, there’s an option to suit your preferences. Always consider the cancellation policy and inclusions when booking to ensure the best fit for your winter adventure plans.


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