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Best Adapted K-Dramas From Webtoon

Join us in the enchanted world of the best K-Dramas from Webtoon, where Webtoon’s bright panels take us to a place where imaginations run wild, and stories come to life in ways we never imagined! Imagine your beloved webtoon characters emerging from their cartoonish domains and into Seoul’s lively streets, where their adventures are lived out in vivid colors and deep emotions. Bringing together the visual flair of webtoons with the mesmerizing charm of Korean storytelling, these adaptations range from romantic comedies to suspenseful thrillers, and they are a visual and auditory delight. Let’s dive in!

Marry My Husband – 내 남편과 결혼해줘 (2024)

Marry My Husband
webtoons | amazon

Main cast: Park Min-young, Na In-woo, Lee Yi-kyung, Song Ha-yoon

Played by Park Min-Young, Marry My Husband centers on Kang Ji-Won, who deals with the intricacies of betrayal and the pursuit of a second opportunity in life. The story is captivating, combining aspects of romance, fantasy, and revenge. Based on the popular webtoon and web novel by Sung So-Jak, this drama follows Ji-Won, a 37-year-old cancer patient betrayed by her husband and best friend. After her tragic demise, Ji-Won reincarnates as her younger self. This is her chance to change her fate and get revenge by marrying her best friend to her unfaithful spouse.

As it transitions from webtoon to K-Drama, “Marry My Husband” makes several alterations and refinements to the plot. The drama follows Ji-Won’s rocky path, as in the webtoon. But the adaptation employs television’s all-encompassing medium to bring Ji Won’s world and emotions to life, making viewers more sympathetic to her struggles. The webtoon depicts Ji-Won’s life, betrayal, and revenge with a fresh take on love, betrayal, and redemption.

Duty After School – 방과 후 전쟁활동 (2023)

Duty After School
webtoons | appletv

Main cast: Shin Hyun-soo, Lee Soon-won, Im Se-mi, Kwon Eun-bin

The terrifying plot of Duty After School, based on the webtoon by Ikwon Ha, immerses senior high school students in the middle of a war as they face off against an extraterrestrial invasion. As college admissions exams approach, these kids become reserve soldiers to battle the alien invasion. Then, the story follows this unexpected move from academia to the battlefield, exploring duty, youth, and survival under difficult circumstances.

Web dramas subtly vary a webtoon’s tone and character dynamics. Wang TaeMan’s Canadian origin and English proficiency are removed from the drama without changing the scenario. The webtoon’s meek class president becomes a strong drama leader, making her more compelling and thriving throughout the crisis. These adaptations retain the webtoon’s core. Still, a new perspective and greater exploration of the individuals’ peculiar tragedy are added. As one of the best-adapted K-Dramas from Webtoon, this live-action rendition beautifully conveys the rapid shift from the ordinary to the martial, capturing viewers’ attention with its dramatic depiction of young people fighting incomprehensibly.

Business Proposal – 사내맞선 (2022)

Business Proposal
manhwatop | netflix

Main cast: Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim Se-jeong, Kim Min-kyu, Seol In-ah

An endearing rom-com K-Drama, Business Proposal skillfully reimagines the traditional plot point of a typical lady falling for a prince-like person as a story of unexpected romance and comic complications. The plot revolves around the beloved webtoon and web book “The Office Blind Date” by Haehwa. It follows the protagonist, Shin Ha-ri, played by Kim Se-jeong, as she unknowingly goes on a blind date with Kang Tae-moo, the CEO of her firm, played by Ahn Hyo-seop, instead of her buddy. Misunderstandings and a fake romance unfold amid their busy work lives, resulting in real love and laughter.

Despite minor adjustments from its webtoon days to its film adaption, “Business Proposal” retains the elements that fans loved. As one of the best-adapted K-Dramas From Webtoon, it fleshes out characters and circumstances that the webtoon could only hint at through artwork and conversation. The drama emphasizes Ha-ri’s food research, which the webtoon rarely mentions. The adaptation uses dynamic performances to bring the characters’ chemistry to life, which adds engagement that static panels can’t. In conclusion, Business Proposal honors the webtoon’s original purpose by criticizing and glorifying rom-com clichés.

All Of Us Are Dead – 지금 우리 학교는 (2022)

All Of Us Are Dead
webtoons | netflix

Main cast: Park Ji-hu, Yoon Chan-young, Cho Yi-hyun, Lomon

Watching All of Us Are Dead is like being a fly on the wall; the K-series expertly combines the high school complexities of life with the terrifying zombie scenario. The novel’s events occur at Hyosan High School, where a devastating virus epidemic turns students into zombies. It also forces a handful of survivors to their physical and mental limits in their struggle for survival. Stories of friendship, love, and survival in the face of adversity revolve around the entangled lives of these kids. Outside the school’s gates, societal and military reactions amplify the survivors’ desperation and add mystery and suspense to their predicament.

From Webtoon to Netflix adaptation, several creative alterations were made. Notably, the title became “All of Us Are Dead.” The series appears to include new characters and storylines following the school’s destruction and broadens its setting to a post-apocalyptic landscape. The adaptation adds halfsies and other plotlines regarding the kids’ survival in a zombie-infested world but maintains loyalty to the webtoon’s primary premise.

Once Upon a Small Town – 어쩌다 전원일기 (2022)

Once Upon a Small Town
manta | netflix

Main cast: Park Soo-young, Choo Young-woo, Baek Seong-cheol, Jung Suk-yong

Once Upon a Small Town is a charming Korean drama that beautifully portrays the charm of small-town life and the surprising relationships that might develop there. The plot follows Han JiYul, a veterinarian from the city who moves to the charming town of Heedong-ri to run his grandfather’s animal clinic temporarily. There, he meets the energetic local cop Ahn JaYeong, played by Joy from Red Velvet, and their paths lead to a whirlwind of love and comical escapades.

Webtoons become dramas with several changes that improve the story and characters. The webtoon highlights rural life and residents with its charming old-school visual style. The performances bring the story to life, giving each character nuances only live-action can offer. The drama delves deeper into the characters’ history and connections, helping viewers understand their motivations and emotional journeys. Through hints of an early history, the webtoon sets up JiYul and JaYeong’s adult relationship. The drama is in how quickly they click and the humorous situations that arise from JiYul’s rural awkwardness.

Hellbound – 지옥 (2021)

webtoons | netflix

Main cast: Yoo Ah-in, Kim Hyun-joo, Park Jeong-min, Won Jin-ah, Yang Ik-june

An unnerving supernatural phenomenon where humans receive prophetic condemnations to hell is explored in Hellbound, a Netflix Original K-Drama. The plot is intricately tied with the schemes of the religious group Saejinrihwe and those hell-bent on uncovering the truth behind these horrific happenings. This series’s engaging storyline, based on the webtoon “The Hell” by Yeon SangHo and Choi KyuSuk—keep viewers engrossed.

Making a webtoon into a live-action film deepens the plot without compromising its core. The plot and emotions change when Detective Jin KyungHoon’s child and the first victim’s fate change. The K-Drama’s angel is more terrifying than the webtoon’s, increasing the series’ gloomy tone. Jin KyungHoon’s child’s gender transition and his diverse reactions to his wife’s murder scene complicate the story and allow the series, as one of the best-adapted K-Dramas from Webtoon, to explore morality, justice, and human nature. The live-action adaptation of Hellbound maintains true to the webtoon while effectively using the medium’s visual and emotional qualities to expand the story’s psychological explorations, touching viewers.

My Roommate Is A Gumiho – 간 떨어지는 동거 (2021)

My Roommate Is A Gumiho
webtoons | appletv

Main cast: Jang Ki-yong, Lee Hye-ri, Kang Han-na

Shin WooYeo, a gumiho who is 999 years old, and Lee Dam, a lively college student, have a unique cohabitation in the romantic comedy My Roommate is a Gumiho, which blends aspects of supernatural mythology with contemporary concerns. A whimsical yet sad narrative begins when Lee Dam eats a magical bead vital for Shin WooYeo’s human transition. The two then set off on a journey of hardships, humor, and an unexpected romance.

Several significant changes brought about by the transition from webtoon to K-Drama enrich and diversify the plot. Unlike in the webtoon, where Shin WooYeo is 900 years old, in the drama, he is 999 years old. This makes his mission to become human all the more urgent. There is a subtle change in the dynamics of her social connections between the original and the cinematic versions of Lee Dam’s character due to her younger age and the addition of a female friend to her friend circle. The webtoon includes details regarding guys born in the year of the rooster that Lee Dam needs to avoid. Still, the drama simplifies the narrative and cuts it out to focus on the significant theme. The original and the modified versions remain beloved stories because the adaptation honors the webtoon’s spirit while adding new components that improve the storytelling.

Nevertheless – 알고있지만 (2021)

webtoons | netflix

Main cast: Han So-hee, Song Kang, Chae Jong-hyeop

Nevertheless, this moving story follows art student Na-bi as she deals with the fallout of a tragic separation. Despite all the warning signs, her world is turned upside down when she meets the campus charmer Jae-eon and becomes enchanted by his charisma. The webtoon painstakingly explores Na-bi’s inner turmoil, showing how she tries to fit her intuition with Jae-eon’s convincing claims of his sincerity until she has a devastating epiphany about his actual character.

Dramatic adaptations of “Nevertheless” modify the tone and character development. The webtoon portrays Jae-eon as an unyielding playboy, but the drama softens him. It portrays the relationship as toxic but reversible. The drama focuses on the supporting cast instead of Na-bi, as in the webtoon. These alterations weaken the webcomic’s basic message, which boldly challenges the idealized cliché of the miserable lad redeemed by love by exploring destructive relationships without proposing a solution. As one of the best-adapted K-Dramas From Webtoon, its climax suggests a destined reunion, distracting from the webtoon’s sardonic remark on the toxic dynamics cycle.

The Uncanny Counter – 경이로운 소문 (2020)

The Uncanny Counter
mangatoto | netflix

Main cast: Jo Byeong-kyu, Yoo Jun-sang, Kim Se-jeong, Yeom Hye-ran, Ahn Suk-hwan, Yoo In-soo

The Uncanny Counter, adapted from Jang Yi’s “Amazing Rumour” webtoon on Daum, tells the riveting story of the ‘Counters.’ It is a group of people with superhuman powers who hunt demons and oppose evil spirits that threaten humans. This gang blends in with the locals while performing crucial chores in a rundown noodle business. The plot culminates in a high-stakes battle with Shin Myeong-hwi’s wicked soul, which weaves individual tragedies, ethical dilemmas, and good vs evil.

The webtoon version concludes on a cliffhanger that introduces a new villain, implying that there is still more to come regarding both the threat level and the story’s scope. This differs from the adaptation, which opts for a more pleasing conclusion for television viewers. A second season will explore atonement, evil, and the murky spaces in between after the show’s Netflix and OCN success. In future seasons, the webtoon’s Counter with a Dark Past may explore these ideas and more, providing depth to the story.

True Beauty – 여신 강림 (2020)

True Beauty
webtoons | netflix

Main cast: Moon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo, Hwang In-youp, Park Yoo-na

From 2020 to 2021, True Beauty was adapted from the popular webtoon with the same name. The story follows Jugyeong, who uses makeup to disguise her perceived defects and goes on a turbulent romantic and self-discovery journey. The adaptation makes some significant departures from the original to improve the plot and character development for television viewers. Unlike their casual first encounter in the webtoon, which took place in a comic book store, the dramatic adaptation included a touching rooftop scene in which Suho rescues Jugyeong, strengthening their bond from the start. As one of the best-adapted K-Dramas from Webtoon, it moves from its initial focus on Seyeon’s grief to examining the shadowy side of the entertainment industry.

In contrast to the simplified treatment of Seyeon’s problems in the webtoon, this adaptation decision reflects a more nuanced and realistic view of idols’ difficulties. As a bonus, the drama controversially gives Suho the spotlight and growth that were originally Seojun’s in the webtoon. The dramatic plot feels finished and self-contained inside its run. Furthermore, this one delves deeper into subjects like mental health. The effects of beauty standards and the intricacies of relationships through these adaptations offer a more nuanced take on the story that will appeal to newcomers and longtime webtoon readers.

Itaewon Class – 이태원 클라쓰 (2020)

Itaewon Class
kakaowebtoon | netflix

Main cast: Park Seo-joon, Kim Da-mi, Yoo Jae-myung, Kwon Nara

Itaewon Class, adapted from the same webtoon, follows the riveting narrative of Park Sae Roy, a former inmate who, driven by vengeance and a thirst for justice, launches a bar-restaurant in Seoul’s Itaewon neighborhood. A motley gang of outcasts team up to take on the food industry’s big players, combining love, social justice, and ambition. An academic analysis of “Itaewon Class,” both live-action and webtoon, shows a striking difference that underlines the narrative’s universal themes. The live-action adaptation’s dynamic ensemble and bright Itaewon streets offer a different viewpoint on the webtoon’s primary themes and a refreshing contrast to its illustrated story.

Both styles illustrate the “Itaewon Class” theme of second chances. Live-action depicts Park Saeroyi’s remarkable journey from ex-convict to successful entrepreneur, emphasizing time and character development. As one of the best-adapted K-Dramas from Webtoon, the webtoon stresses the lucky aspect of second chances by exploring characters’ inner monologues and backstories, highlighting Jo Yi Seo and Seung Kwon’s personal growth. These adaptations allow additional character and topic study while satisfying viewers’ visual and emotional storytelling needs. “Itaewon Class” is a stunning adaptation of the webtoon that keeps faithful to the original while offering a new and thrilling plot.

Memorist – 메모리스트 (2020)

webtoons | plex

Main cast: Yoo Seung-ho, Lee Se-young, Jo Sung-ha

The original webtoon is adapted into a live-action format for the drama Memorist, which stars Yoo Seung-Ho and Lee Se-Young. This adaptation provides a new perspective on the story by examining it through the lens of television. The transfer from webtoon to drama brings the characters of Dong Baek and Han Sun-Mi to life, with the actors’ performances adding depth and nuance to their journey through the supernatural and psychological thriller genre. The drama takes advantage of its cast’s abilities and the direction provided by So Jae Hyun and Kim Hwi to translate the fanciful elements of the webtoon into an experience that is visually and emotionally fascinating for the audience.

Due to its unique visual storytelling and pacing, the webtoon is immersive, but the drama adaption enhances these narratives with dramatic cinematography and sound design, creating greater suspense and participation. It may shorten or expand stories to fit the episodic format, as one of the best-adapted K-Dramas from Webtoon. This is a one-way adaptation that displays the differences between mediums. This update allows viewers to see Memorist’s emotional and moral struggles while its heroes investigate a horrible serial killer case. This metamorphosis gives viewers a new way to experience the story.

Mystic Pop-Up Bar – 쌍갑포차 (2020)

Mystic Pop-Up Bar
tapas | netflix

Main cast: Hwang Jung-eum, Yook Sung-jae, Choi Won-young

The enchanted pojangmacha (outdoor drinking area) in Mystic Pop-Up Bar provides more than simply drinks; it’s also a one-of-a-kind example of fantasy drama. Troubled individuals find refuge in the pub run by the prickly but sympathetic Wol Joo and the naive part-timer Han Kang Bae. To help their clients overcome their most significant challenges, the two of them, accompanied by the mysterious Chef Gwi, venture inside their dreams during the night. As one of the best-adapted K-Dramas from Webtoon, this series puts viewers on an emotional roller coaster with its mix of humor, grief, and magical themes, leading up to a surprising and fulfilling finale.

This K-Drama transitioned from webtoon to live-action numerous times. The story’s core was kept. The adaptation must match the webtoon’s compelling characters and intriguing story. Although shortened into 12 episodes, the drama maintains the webtoon’s tone and style, highlighting character growth and emotional complexity. The drama explores Wol Joo’s past and talents, helping viewers understand her motivations and repentance. Hence, it blends supernatural elements with human emotions and moral concerns to make the webtoon a fascinating drama. Watch the webtoon if you like forgiveness, atonement, and humanity.

Backstreet Rookie – 편의점 샛별이 (2020)

Backstreet Rookie
manhwatop | netflix

Main cast: Ji Chang-wook & Kim Yoo-jung

The plot of the humorous romantic comedy Backstreet Rookie (webtoon version: She’s Too Much for Me) centers around Choi DaeHyun. He is a convenience store manager, and Jung SaetByul is a lively young woman working part-time there. In high school, SaetByul requested DaeHyun to buy her cigarettes, starting their unconventional affair. When SaetByul applied for a job at DaeHyun’s store, they met again. She’s an orphan helping her sister. Despite initial tension and misunderstandings, their fascinating, unorthodox romance unfolds in a convenience shop.

As one of the best-adapted K-Dramas from Webtoon, the drama introduces new characters and subplots, such as the corporate office girl and DaeHyun’s best friend, to explore privilege, maturation, and personal development. These additions and the focus on SaetByul’s background and sisterhood expand the characters’ lives beyond the convenience store. In conclusion, “Backstreet Rookie” successfully adapts the webtoon’s unique personality and sense of humor into this drama.

Sweet Home – 스위트 홈 (2020)

Sweet Home
webtoons | netflix

Main cast: Song Kang, Lee Jin-wook, Lee Si-young

The 2020 Netflix Original series Sweet Home, based on the popular webtoon of the same name, follows the life of a withdrawn high school student named Cha HyunSoo as he deals with the death of his family and a string of strange and terrifying occurrences in his new flat. The story delves into themes of solitude, perseverance, and the horrific metamorphoses propelled by the most sinister human urges, evoking a spine-tingling environment that rivets viewers.

When a webtoon hits the big screen, character creation and visual narrative improve. Having Song Kang play Cha HyunSoo alongside Lee JinWook, Lee SiYoung, and other famous actors gives the characters more depth and personality. The drama introduces new characters, like former special forces fighter Seo Yi Kyung, to complicate the plot. Despite webtoon limits, the realistic depiction of the character’s inner conflict and CGI creatures enhance the audience. Lee EungBok, who directed “Descendants of the Sun” and “Goblin,” adapts the webtoon into a live-action adaptation that adds fresh content and makes it accessible to newcomers. As one of the best-adapted K-Dramas from a Webtoon, The series faithfully adapts its spooky atmosphere and gripping story to the big screen, extending its audience with fascinating performers and high-quality production qualities.

Strangers from Hell – 타인은 지옥이다 (2019)

Stranger from Hell
webtoons | appletv

Main cast: Im Si-wan, Lee Dong-wook

Strangers from Hell, or Hell Is Other People, is a riveting psychological thriller. Yoon Jong Won, a man in his mid-twenties, moves to Seoul for a better life. Seo Moon Jo, a mysterious daytime dentist with a sinister secret, is one of several disturbing personalities he meets while staying at the rundown Eden Goshiwon boarding home. In the middle of a struggle for existence in a dangerous metropolitan landscape, the plot shows the delicate line between sanity and mad.

To suit television, as one of the best-adapted K-Dramas from Webtoon, the adaptation changes character histories, story points, and settings. But it retains the webtoon’s atmospheric intensity and psychological depth. These adjustments may help the drama better explore its characters’ complexities and larger topics like human nature, societal limits, and the psychological repercussions of one’s environment. As the plot develops, the webtoon and its live-action version master psychological terror, terrifying viewers with a look at hell on Earth.

Love Alarm – 좋아하면 울리는 (2019)

Love Alarm
webtoons | netflix

Main cast: Kim So-hyun, Jung Ga-ram, Song Kang

This film is a webtoon created by Chon Kye-young and delves into the intricate dynamics of love and technology through its groundbreaking concept. Love Alarm, a revolutionary app, is at the story’s center. It alerts users if someone within a 10-meter radius has romantic feelings for them. We follow Jojo, a young lady in today’s technologically advanced society, as she faces the ups and downs of love, self-discovery, and peer pressure. Two guys, Sun-oh and Hye-yeong, are involved in a love triangle with Jojo and the Love Alarm app; they are not alone with her.

As one of the best-adapted K-Dramas from Webtoon, the plot was significantly altered when it transitioned from Webtoon to Netflix live-action, which improved it for television. The story explores the characters’ pasts and emotional complexity. The webtoon’s fundamental theme—a society captivated by a sexually relevant app—remains. The drama’s Jojo character is enhanced by a deeper look at his struggles and determination. In conclusion, Love Alarm K-Drama takes the webtoon very well. Its intelligent remark on love in the digital era appeals to those who have read the original webtoon and those who have not.

Extraordinary You – 어쩌다 발견한 하루 (2019)

Extraordinary You
webtoons | netflix

Main cast: Kim Hye-yoon, Rowoon, Lee Jae-wook, Lee Na-eun, Jung Gun-joo, Kim Young-dae, Lee Tae-ri

The captivating and original story of Extraordinary You is adapted from the webtoon “July Found By Chance.” It takes place in a high school where a student named Eun Dan Oh discovers she is only a supporting character in a romance comic called “Secret.” Dan Oh wants to modify her story to find real love and govern her life because of her heart disease and unrequited love. Haru, a weird student, helps them defy their fates, and their paths cross.

While faithful to the webtoon, as one of the best adapted K-Dramas from Webtoon, the live-action version adds depth through sophisticated character development and fascinating interpersonal relationships. Kim HyeYoon’s feisty and resilient demeanor gives Dan Oh’s self-determination weight. Haru, who moves from being an overlooked extra to Dan Oh’s lifeline, is played by RoWoon with great intensity. Comedy and drama blend to explore self-discovery, free will, and whimsical romance.

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty – 내 아이디는 강남 미인 (2018)

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty
webtoons | netflix

Main cast: Im Soo-hyang, Cha Eun-woo, Jo Woo-ri, Kwak Dong-yeon

The captivating story of My ID Is Gangnam Beauty, a webtoon, shows the life of Kang Mirae, a college freshman who gets plastic surgery to escape her past of bullying and insecurities. Set on a college campus, the story deftly probes topics like self-acceptance, beauty standards, and the nuances of human relationships. The Korean adaptation’s leads, Lim Soo-Hyang and Cha Eun-woo, brought the webtoon to life. The drama was praised for sticking to the webtoon’s themes of the effects of beauty standards on self-esteem and relationships. Kyung Seok’s unwavering support and Mirae’s self-acceptance touched viewers.

Though successful, several viewers thought the drama could have explored some issues. They wanted additional subtlety in Mirae’s post-surgery struggle and the other characters’ storylines. Critics critiqued the drama’s shortcomings and the romantic subplot’s underdevelopment. In webtoon and live-action adaptations, “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty” has raised awareness of self-acceptance and beauty standards. Despite its flaws, the Korean drama’s sensitive portrayal makes it noteworthy.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? – 김비서가 왜 그럴까? (2018)

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim
manhwatop | netflix

Main cast: Park Seo-joon, Park Min-young

In 2018, a Korean drama based on the romantic comedy webtoon What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? wowed viewers with its charming and funny plot. Narcissistic VP Lee Youngjoon and his secretary Kim Miso traverse the funny and passionate highs and lows of Youngjoon’s quest to keep Miso after she quits after nine years. The live-action adaptation starring Park Seo Joon as Lee Youngjoon and Park MinYoung as Kim Miso was lauded for faithfully recreating the webtoon and adding depth to character development and relationship dynamics. Youngjoon’s haughtiness and charisma were brought to life by Park Seo Joon, while Miso’s strength and fragility were brought to life by Park MinYoung. Highly praised chemistry between the leads heightened the love element of the plot.

As one of the best-adapted K-Dramas from Webtoon, it deepens characters and expands the plot by building on the webtoon’s storyline. This applied especially to the supporting cast. The adaptation balances self-discovery and professional progress with lighter themes, making it more than just an office romance. In conclusion, “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” is a great webtoon adaptation that pays homage to the original while adding its personality and complexity, winning over longtime readers and newcomers.

Cheese In The Trap – 치즈 인 더 트랩 (2016)

Cheese In The Trap
webtoons | appletv

Main cast: Park Hae-jin, Oh Yeon-seo, Park Ki-woong

An enthralling story, Cheese in the Trap, follows the lives of college students and their complicated relationships, focusing on the ones between the main characters, Hong Seol and Yoo Jung. Webtoon creator Soonkki’s work is lauded for its realistic depiction of college life and complex character development. It lets readers explore the characters’ minds, especially Yoo Jung, whose true nature and intentions are unknown. Lee Yoon-jung’s 2016 live-action adaptation captures the intricate webtoon’s complexities while maintaining loyalty to the characters and their relationships.

Undoubtedly, Park Hae-jin and Kim Go-Eun were praised for playing Yoo Jung and Hong Seol. Their performances gave the webtoon portions depth that the format couldn’t. Lee Sung-kyung’s portrayal of Baek In-Ha is exaggerated but sympathetic. Hence, it shows the drama’s ability to explore its characters beyond the webtoon’s panels. Immerse yourself in both media to fully enjoy this captivating novel, which brilliantly balances romance, drama, and psychological mystery.

Lucky Romance – 운빨 로맨스 (2016)

lucky romance
webtoons | appletv

Main cast: Hwang Jung-eum, Ryu Jun-yeol, Lee Soo-hyuk, Lee Chung-ah

Lucky Romance is an energetic and eccentric drama about a woman named Shim Bo Ni who has become superstitious after a string of bad luck. Bo Ni follows a fortune teller’s unusual advice to spend the night with a Tiger-born guy to reverse her bad luck and resuscitate her unconscious sister. Je Su Ho, the head of a major game company, is sensible and scientific and hates Bo Ni’s superstition. They laugh and cry as they deal with their differences and increase love.

The live-action adaptation of “Lucky Romance” brings the webtoon’s vivid world to life. The story and characters remained true to the original. The webtoon’s intricate artwork and character development enhance its engaging plot and unique romance-comedy mix. While maintaining the webtoon’s energy and comedy, as one of the best-adapted K-Dramas from Webtoon, the live-action version provides characters with more complex histories and motivations. Webtoon viewers said the drama watered down or changed the story’s humor or peculiarities. Despite these changes, the adaptation was lauded for being loyal to the webtoon. It has an intriguing plot and outstanding cast performances.

Final thought

To conclude our look at the top K-Dramas From Webtoon, it’s evident that live-action versions of captivating webtoon storytelling and dynamic visual storytelling still work. There is something for everyone, from romantic comedies and fantasy epics to thrilling mysteries and emotional dramas. The webtoon-based K-Drama trend is here to stay, surprising and delighting fans as we wait for these highly anticipated series. 2024 contains several unforgettable storylines for webtoon fans who wish to witness them on screen or Korean drama fans who want something fresh to binge-watch!

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