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In Seoul, two spa experiences stand out for their unique approach to wellness and beauty: SPA 1899 Experience Donginbi & Daechi Branch, both renowned for their red ginseng treatments. These spas offer a sanctuary within the city, where traditional Korean red ginseng’s therapeutic properties are harnessed to rejuvenate both mind and body. Guests can choose from various treatments aimed at promoting inner and outer beauty, relieving stress, and delivering anti-aging benefits, all within luxurious settings.

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SPA 1899 Donginbi – SeoulTravelPass

Why We Selected It

IVisitKorea recommends SPA 1899 Donginbi Spa as the top choice for travelers seeking a unique spa experience in Seoul. This spa’s emphasis on the holistic benefits of red ginseng, combined with a variety of treatment options and a luxurious ambiance, sets it apart. The Red Ginseng Energy Circulation Therapy, exclusive to SPA 1899, is particularly noteworthy for its ability to improve circulation and provide a one-of-a-kind mind/body experience, making it a must-try for spa enthusiasts.


Comparison Table

Feature SPA 1899 Donginbi Spa SPA 1899 Daechi
Treatments & Inclusions Ranging from Facial Focus to Full-Body treatments with red ginseng Various spa packages including facial, body, and full care treatments with red ginseng
Pricing From KRW 140,000 to KRW 330,000 with discounts available From US$ 114.05
Location B2F, KT&G Tower, Gangnam-gu, Seoul B2, KT&G Tower, Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Cancellation Policy Full refund for cancellations 3 days prior; varying refunds for later cancellations Free cancellation before voucher redemption, valid for 60 days from booking
Unique Aspects Luxurious setting with a focus on red ginseng’s holistic benefits Part of the esteemed SPA 1899 chain with a strong emphasis on red ginseng treatments


Price Comparison


Detailed Information

SPA 1899 DonginbiSPA 1899 Donginbi

Located in the heart of Gangnam, SPA 1899 Donginbi Spa is celebrated for its red ginseng treatments that promote both health and beauty. The spa’s signature Red Ginseng Energy Circulation Therapy is designed to enhance circulation and provide a deep sense of relaxation. Guests can also enjoy a luxurious spa environment and additional services like the red ginseng skin bar for a comprehensive wellness experience.

SPA 1899 DaechiSPA 1899 Daechi

This branch of the SPA 1899 chain offers a variety of red ginseng spa treatments tailored to individual needs, from facial to full-body care. The spa ensures a relaxing experience with skilled therapists and a serene environment. Their Slow-Aging, Balancing, and Full Care treatments are particularly popular for their comprehensive approach to wellness using red ginseng.

Both branches provide a haven of tranquility and rejuvenation in Seoul, leveraging the potent benefits of red ginseng. Whether you choose SPA 1899 Donginbi for its exclusive treatments or SPA 1899 Daechi for its broad range of options, you’re in for a luxurious spa experience that promises relaxation and revitalization.


Special Notes

  • This offer is only for Foreigners
  • All service providers’ options are the same. All Listed prices are the single-care options for face, body, or foot treatment.
  • Please, check the below information about SPA 1899.


Information about SPA 1899 Experience

  • Donginbi is a red ginseng cosmetic brand created by Korea Ginseng Corporation, a representative ginseng company in Korea.
  • SPA 1899 is a red ginseng spa that uses the effects of red ginseng by the Korea Ginseng Corporation to allow the skin and body to relax through the Red Ginseng Energy Circulation Therapy(TM).
  • Options
    • Single-Care: Face, body, or foot care (60 minutes)
    • Multi-Care: Face+upper body/head, full-body (120 minutes), and Face+full-body (150 minutes)
    • Full-Care: A premium treatment for the entire body (180 minutes)
  • Location
        • KT&G Tower B2F, 1002 Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
        • A 3-minute walk from the Samseong Station Exit 2


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