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Seoul offers a range of Korean language classes designed for tourists, providing a unique cultural immersion experience. Whether you’re interested in basic conversational skills, understanding Hangul (the Korean alphabet), or delving into more advanced language aspects, these classes cater to various proficiency levels. Situated in vibrant locales like Hongdae and Jongno, these classes not only teach Korean but also offer a gateway to understanding Korean culture and etiquette.

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Experience learning Korean Alphabet(Hangul) within 2 hours in Jongno – Seoul Travel Pass

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This one is our top recommendation for travellers seeking an enriching, educational, and culturally immersive experience while visiting Seoul. It’s an excellent option for those who want to learn the Korean alphabet and gain cultural insights in a historic setting, providing both immediate and lasting benefits from the learning experience.


Comparison Table

Feature Trip.com Offering Trazy Korean Class Seoul Travel Pass Hangul Class
Location Central Seoul, near major tourist attractions Hongdae, vibrant youth and cultural hub Jongno, heart of historical Seoul
Duration 1.5 Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours
Price $30 $25 $35
Inclusions Language materials, Cultural insights session Language materials, Certificate Language materials, Certificate, Hangul Souvenir
Class Focus Basic Conversational Korean, Cultural Etiquette Basic Conversational Korean, Introduction to Hangul Mastery of Hangul, Introduction to Korean Culture
Additional Benefits Complimentary Korean snacks Opportunity to interact with locals Guided tour of Jongno area post-class
Cancellation Policy Full refund up to 24 hours before the class Full refund up to 48 hours before the class Full refund up to 24 hours before the class


Price Comparison


Detailed Tour Information

[Trip.com] [Haerang’s Korean] 2-Hour Korean Alphabet Class[Trip.com] [Haerang's Korean] 2-Hour Korean Alphabet Class

This class provides an immersive experience into Korean language and culture, ideal for tourists who want a quick yet comprehensive introduction to basic conversational Korean and cultural etiquette. Set in a convenient location, it’s perfect for fitting into a busy sightseeing schedule, and the inclusion of complimentary Korean snacks adds a delightful taste of local cuisine.

[Trazy] One day Korean Language Class near Hongdae[Trazy] One day Korean Language Class near Hongdae

Located in the lively area of Hongdae, this class offers a dynamic environment for learning conversational Korean and an introduction to Hangul. The duration and setting make it suitable for those looking to combine language learning with experiencing local youth culture. The possibility of interacting with locals and receiving a certificate adds significant value to the learning experience.

[Seoul Travel Pass] [Seoul Jongno] Experience learning Korean Alphabet(Hangul) within 2 hours in Jongno[Seoul Travel Pass] [Seoul Jongno] Experience learning Korean Alphabet(Hangul) within 2 hours in Jongno

Set in the historical district of Jongno, this class is focused on mastering the Korean alphabet, Hangul, within a short time frame. It’s tailored for learners interested in understanding the foundation of the Korean language. The class’s unique selling point is the inclusion of cultural insights and a Hangul souvenir, making it not just a learning experience but also a memorable cultural activity. The guided tour of Jongno post-class offers an immediate application of learned skills and deepens the cultural immersion.

Let’s embark on a fascinating 2-hour journey to unravel the mysteries of the Korean alphabet, Hangul with these classes. These uniquely designed program are lifelines for foreign learners, simplifying the complexities of Hangul and making it a breeze to grasp. Discover the historical significance of Hangul, a gift from King Sejong to promote literacy during the Joseon Dynasty, and gain deep insights into Korean culture. The course offers a systematic, intuitive, and engaging approach that allows you to seamlessly combine consonants and vowels, mastering Hangul in no time.


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