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Embark on a fascinating 2-hour journey to unravel the mysteries of the Korean alphabet, Hangul with these classes. These uniquely designed program are lifelines for foreign learners, simplifying the complexities of Hangul and making it a breeze to grasp. Discover the historical significance of Hangul, a gift from King Sejong to promote literacy during the Joseon Dynasty, and gain deep insights into Korean culture. The course offers a systematic, intuitive, and engaging approach that allows you to seamlessly combine consonants and vowels, mastering Hangul in no time.

Included in Korean Language Class:

Unlock the mysteries of the Korean alphabet in our captivating 2-hour Hangul (Korean Alphabet) Class. Delve into the heart of Korean culture and history through the fascinating story of Hangul, designed by King Sejong to empower the common people during the Joseon Dynasty. Conveniently located near Seoul’s major attractions, this class offers both accessibility and enlightenment. Our friendly English-speaking instructor provides personalized guidance, ensuring an enjoyable and effective learning experience. But the adventure doesn’t stop there – armed with your new language skills, you’ll embark on a journey to explore Seoul, deepening your connection with its vibrant culture. Join us for an enriching linguistic adventure in the heart of South Korea’s bustling capital.

Excluded in Korean Language Class:

  • Transportation to and from the class location
  • Meals and personal expenses

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