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Explore the winter wonderland of the Eden Valley Ski Resort with our all-inclusive package. This comprehensive ski/snowboard package encompasses everything you need for a thrilling mountain adventure. With this package, you’ll enjoy a lift pass, access to top-quality ski equipment, and cozy clothing rentals, ensuring your day on the slopes is nothing short of extraordinary.


  • Ski/Snowboard Equipment Rental: As part of this package, we provide you with a premium selection of ski and snowboard equipment. From meticulously maintained skis and snowboards to state-of-the-art safety gear, our rentals are designed to meet the highest standards. You can rest assured that you’ll be equipped with the latest and best gear for a fantastic day of skiing or snowboarding.
  • Ski Clothes Rental: Stay warm and comfortable with our ski clothes rental. We offer a wide range of insulated jackets, pants, and accessories to keep you snug and stylish while you navigate the slopes. Our selection includes sizes and styles for every preference and body type, ensuring that you feel your best throughout your adventure.


  • Ski/Snowboard Lift Pass (13:30~20:30): Your adventure at Eden Valley Ski Resort is not limited to daylight hours. For those seeking an extended experience, you have the option to include a ski/snowboard lift pass that allows you to hit the slopes from 1:30 PM until 8:30 PM. This extended pass opens up a world of nighttime skiing or snowboarding under the stars, providing a unique and unforgettable mountain experience.


  • Transportation: Please note that transportation to and from the resort is not included in this package. However, we can assist you with information on the most convenient transportation options to reach our beautiful resort.
  • Goggles and Gloves: While our rental package covers the essentials, goggles and gloves are considered personal items, and you may choose to bring your own for a more customized experience. Should you need these items, they are available for purchase at our resort shop.
  • Meals: While you are exploring the slopes and enjoying your day at Eden Valley Ski Resort, please be aware that meals are not included in this package. We offer a variety of on-site dining options, from cozy cafeterias to upscale restaurants, where you can refuel and savor delicious meals amidst the scenic alpine surroundings.

With this thoughtfully crafted package, you can fully immerse yourself in the enchanting world of winter sports at Eden Valley Ski Resort. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time visitor, our comprehensive offerings ensure that you have everything you need for an exceptional skiing or snowboarding experience on our breathtaking slopes.

Eden Valley Ski Resort

Eden Valley Guide Map

    • This Ski Resort is located in Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-so, officially opened in 2008. It is the only ski resort in Gyeongsan-do, the southernmost ski resort in Korea.
    • Slopes (6)
      • Beginner (2): Basic (587m) / Main (454m)
      • Intermediate (2): Jupiter (1,023m) / Uranus (1,495m)
      • Advanced (2): Mercury (949m) / Venus (862m)
    • Operating hours: 09:00 ~ 21:00
    • Lift Tickets
      • Morning: 09:30 ~ 13:00
      • Afternoon: 13:00 ~ 16:30
      • Night: 17:30 ~ 21:00
    • Address: 1206 Eosil-ro Wondong-myeon Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
    • Phone: +82-55-379-8000
    • Social Media: Instagram

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