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Write For Korea Travelers!

Share your experience with travelers and be an author.

How to submit an article?

Since its humble beginnings in 2018, IVisitKora has wanted to help Korea travelers can enjoy Korea like locals.

To achieve this goal, we always welcome your contribution to the blog site. If you have a bright idea to help travelers to Korea, submit it here.

Of course, we have a guideline to publish articles and the best way to understand it is reading other posts of IVK.

Most of all, the article must be 100% original and you may not republish this guest post on any other site.

We normally publish articles between 1,000–2,500 words, depending on subject. 1,500 words is about average.

If you submit yours, we will check it and get back to you via email in a few days but it can be declined.

If your topic is approved, you should provide a final-draft-worthy piece to us.

You can be requested to fix it or it can be lightly edited by us for clarity.

After that, IVisitKorea will publish it on a pre-set schedule.

Thank you.

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