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BTS Official Merch Clearance Wholesale

We offer a wide range of Official BTS Merch product wholesale services at an affordable price. Please note that it is not sold in retail, but only sold at wholesale. If you are interested in these products, please send us your requirements via email, [email protected], or chat on the page with the below information. Then we will send you a full list of products and prices based on the expected volume and delivery location.

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  • Please, let us know who we are talking to
  • Where we should deliver products
  • Product categories you are interested in
  • Expected purchase quantities for the products
  • Any other inquiries

BTS Merch Clearance Wholesale Products

※ All images on this page are copyrighted by Big Hit Entertainment (Hive).

BTS Umbrella (All Members)

BTA Character Umbrella

  • RM: Pink / V: BLue / Suga: Yellow / J.Hope: Light Green / Jungkook: Purpe / Jimin: Orange / Jin: Sky Blue
  • Others: DNA & MIC Drop pattern automatic umbrellas
BTS Character Umbrella Image_Jin

BTS TinyTAN Fashion Mask, Mask Strap, and Mask Case

BTS TinyTAN Fashion Mask

  • 7 types for 7 members
  • Size: M/L
BTS TinyTAN Fashion Mask

BTS TinyTAN Fashion Mask Case

  • 7 types for 7 members
  • Size: M/L
BTS TinyTAN Fashion Mask Case

BTS TinyTAN Fashion Mask Strap

  • 7 types for 7 members
BTS TinyTAN Fashion Mask Strap


BTS Micdrop Sandals

  • Red / Black / Neon / White / Black

BTS-IDOL Sandals

  • Yellow / Purple / White / Black / Grey / Blue / Red / Green / Orange
BTS Slippers IDOL_MicDrop

BTS Members Stand Banner (GWP)

  • size: 70×200 mm
BTS Stand Banner

BTS Merch For Winter Season

  • TinyTan Knit Gloves for 7 members
  • TinyTan Beanie for 7 members
  • DNA Fur Hat
  • BTS DNA Earmuffs
  • BTS TinyTan Neck Warmer for 7 members
  • DNA Multi Scarf
BTS Merch for Winter season

If you are interested in the above products, feel free to contact us via email or chat on the page.

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